Why Apple Phones Cost More Than Any Other Normal Phones

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The age old mystery About Why Apple Phones Cost More Than Any Other Normal Phones. Let us find out Why.

Frankly speaking, the differences in Android And iPhones Are vast, Android smartphones can be heavily customised according to needs. With both the platforms arguing about who came up with that feature first.

Any of the features that are distinctive to a particular platform will be introduced on the competing platform. There is this quirky race between competitors for who packs the most amount of features in his individual device, in this case, we as consumers have great benefits in choosing products which are also available at leading expensive platforms.


Why are they so expensive?

User Experience


The user interface is what I personally like in iOS devices, simple yet clean and quite fast enough to handle processes easily.

Even though iPhone users just want a smartphone with basic features like any other Android.I won’t criticize about the fact that They do not care much about the number of features, as they do have to workout with those features that are available.

Marketing Key Strategies

Making the ordinary beautiful!

There’s one thing that I personally admire the most in iOS devices is that they kinda give a premium finish to their devices. Which on the other hand is a good marketing strategy as well!

Premium build quality, precision to product finishing, minute detailing that matters the most with no chance of errors.

Smart Pricing

Price strategy

Maximize Profit Through Smart Pricing

People don’t really know what they are paying for, Apple prefers to race to the bottom instead of pricing strategically to a market that can bear the cost.They build products for an audience that loves them immensely and passionately. They justify their price with features and benefits that can’t be matched.

They build products for an audience that loves them immensely and passionately. They justify their price with features and benefits that can’t be matched. But the fact is No other software can compete what iTunes brings to the table.

No software is more intuitive than the iOS, no product has more value than the Apple product. Not just like a smartphone that looks like it was developed by rookies in a home garage when compared to an iPhone 4. There,s simply no comparison between them.

Whilst Other Factors affecting Apple Phones Cost Are

  • They’veBecome “The Name” and fame for smartphone companies.

  • They Built a community, a Tribe, a fanbase of users all around the world.

  • They make something different something more innovative, rather than copying and applying these to their devices.

Does this mean Apple products are really worth every dollar?

Well, if you live your life premium, you have enough cash and use a smartphone with basic features like for calling and staying socially connected then Yeah! You can work around with an apple device.

But If you’re a person who stays updated with technology, needs customization, always looking for something new and productive well then Apple devices is not the answer.

I have placed my Views now please make sure to comment down below what you feel about this article.

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