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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kenya According to Dustin Pfundheller

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Kenya According to Dustin Pfundheller | Photos Courtesy | Dustin Pfundheller Facebook Page
As he calls himself “Wandering Dentist”, Dustin Pfundheller is a dentist who is passionate about discovering new places in the World. Wait, discovering? No! He has visited every country on the planet! All of them! He actually visited 236 Countries!
Apart from being a dentist, this great medical practitioner is also a video creator. Quoting his Facebook Page, he says “Visited ALL 236 Countries! 🌍 I wanted to see the world with my own eyes. I am forever changed. I captured memories of that I experienced along my Journey.”
As he said, when you think of amazing vacation destinations, Africa is probably not on that list. In Kenya. That’s a place you go to volunteer, not vacation. Well, that is wrong because I’ve traveled to Kenya four different times, rented a car and drove all across the country and discovered that Kenya is a beautiful, amazing place that you need to visit. And here are 10 reasons why.
In a video Dustin Pfundheller shared on his Facebook Page, here are his top 10 reasons why you should visit Kenya.
Nairobi National Park
As far as I’m aware, Kenya is the only place where you can, within an hour of arriving to the country, be at a national park in a safari, see the capital Nairobi has a national park in it. And so that’s what I did. I rented a car and got to a national park and saw elephants, lions and tons of wildlife in less than a hour of arriving to the country. In case you’ve never gone on a safari.
Most are not anywhere near an airport. They can take days to get to. And yet in Kenya, you can do it within an hour and if you want other safaris. Kenya has a ton of safaris in national parks. And if you time it right, you can go to the salt and see the Great Migration. One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.


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#9. Kids are happy

Happy Kenyan kids at school wearing uniform.
See, as I traveled the world and went to many really rich countries, I often saw kids playing on cell phones and basically staying inside all day. But in Kenya, they’re outside, playing there, teasing each other, chasing Cho, laughing, having a wonderful time. So it made me realize you don’t need money for kids to be happy.


#8. Kenyans are friendly

Kenyans are very friendly people.
Maybe a little bit too friendly. Let me give you some examples. Any time I got a flat tire would take up, four Kenyans were helping me. Most times I was even allowed to change the tire myself because they refused to let a foreigner do it. They wanted to help me out. I never wanted any money for it. Also, one time when I was in there will be at nighttime. I accidentally went the wrong way on a street on a one way, and cars started coming towards me. And instead of being mad or rude or anything.
Every single car stopped and told me as I was on the side of the road waiting for them. They actually were backing up traffic and they eventually stopped. And let me turn around and there were a bunch of cars and nobody honked. Everyone was super polite. And so, again, I just couldn’t believe how nice and friendly people were in Kenya.

#7. It will change the way you travel…

Kids playing with guests
…because that’s what it did for me. One of my trips around Kenya, I was with my mother and my sister and my mom is a teacher, so she wanted to see a school.
So I decided to just stop at a random school. And my mom actually went out and said hi to the school and the teachers and the kids and had a wonderful time. Ended up taking me and show me all the students. And it was so fun getting to see these students and knowing that this was true. We weren’t an influencer politician. We were seeing authentic Africa with no influence. And so it taught me when I travelled in the future to do these things, go out and meet people and experience the culture.
Don’t just go to the sites, but experience the people, because that’s what makes traveling amazing.

#6. Conservatories

Hippopotamus in Kenya conservatory
Conservatory’s Kenya has a lot of them. It’s amazing to see Kenyans all helping out the local wildlife like elephants, giraffes and more.


#5. The Cradle of humanity

Cradle of humanity in Kenya
Cradle of humanity in Kenya
It is where the first humans arose. East Africa is where the first humans first became humans. And over the thousands of years, the landscape probably hasn’t changed that much. And so it’s incredible to be walking in the same footsteps and same places that the first humans were walking.

#4. Beaches

Beaches in Kenya – Kenya has some of the best beaches in the whole world | Photos Courtesy | Dustin Pfundheller Facebook Page
Beaches in Kenya – Kenya has some of the best beaches in the whole world | Photos Courtesy | Dustin Pfundheller Facebook Page
Beaches in Kenya – Kenya has some of the best beaches in the whole world | Photos Courtesy | Dustin Pfundheller Facebook Page
Beaches in Kenya – Kenya has some of the best beaches in the whole world | Photos Courtesy | Dustin Pfundheller Facebook Page
You probably don’t realize that Kenya has some of the prettiest beaches in the entire world.
Kenyan Maasai
Kenya has so many different ethnic groups. And as I rented the car and drove around the entire country, I met and is able to interact with so many. One of the cool things was when I drove to the north east and saw Somali’s ethnicity. There were actually Kenyan citizens because they were living in Kenya. And one of the things that the media often shows is Kenyans and Somalis not getting along. But here were Somalis living in Kenya.
And so it was beautiful to see that Kenya is actually many different ethnicities altogether to blend to be one country, Kenya.


#2. One problem isn’t all of Africa

What I mean by this is before I went with my sister, mom to Kenya, there had been a terrible attack. And so my sister’s school had canceled all their trips to Kenya. But upon arriving, I realized that this was one isolated event that happened in a country of over 50 million people.
And so I realized we don’t treat Africa fair. If one event happens in Africa, it’s get blasted on all the news and we no longer even want to go there. Yet in America, the same thing happens every single day. And people don’t stop coming to America.


#1. Visiting Kenya will open your eyes

See, when I was a kid, I was taught to feel sorry for Africa, that everybody in Africa was miserable. But when I visited Kenya, I saw a completely different world.
Kenya had restaurants, had bars, had shops, had hotels, had markets, had people laughing. People were enjoying life in Kenya. One of the Kenyans I met stayed in a really fancy apartment, way better than the apartment I had in Singapore. And I also wanted to see the other side. And so I made a friend who let me see the slums. That’s literally what he called it. And when I saw where he lived, I was actually really surprised.
He had a bed, he had a couch, he had a radio and a nice table and some furniture. No, it wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t miserable. And again, it made me realize that not every Kenyan is struggling. There are many Kenyans that are very happy and loving life.
So that’s why you need to visit Kenya. Not only will open your eyes, you’ll also see amazing sights and people to go on amazing safaris. And best of all, get to meet such amazing people.
So that’s why you need to book your next trip to Kenya!


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