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TikTok is new travel tool


TikTok is the go-to place for Gen Z travellers to explore new destinations

The video-sharing social networking platform has become a popular destination for those looking for holiday inspiration online.

Back in 2019, TikTok created a #TikTokTravel hashtag campaign, with the aim of inspiring its users to share their holiday videos. At the time, tourism boards from the likes of Los Angeles, Dubai, Seoul, Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia all participated.

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A statement from the company said: “TikTok has become increasingly popular for showcasing authentic travel moments. The #travel hashtag now has a total of over 19.2 billion views. These videos range from creators interacting with nature in various ways, to immersing themselves in different cultures such as tasting street food, to trying their hand at uniquely local experiences.”

And TikTok believe their platform is perfect for young people to explore different destinations as they said they have “lowered the barriers for content creation by offering a wide range of editing tools and effects to support creators achieve their creative aspirations”.


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