Tabitha Gichere – the lawyer who spins the decks

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It is not every day that you meet a highly successful lawyer whose side hustle is deejaying. This is the sort of dual career that we all dream of but never have the courage, time or dedication to see through.

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Tabitha Gichere, fondly known by her fans, as Deejay Tabz has all these qualities in spades. Tabitha has been deejaying for close to six years. But being the first born in a family of three did not help matters; she had to take up the ropes set aside for firstborns. After completing high School at State House Girls, Tabitha told her parents that she wanted to be a deejay.

Her parents were set dead against the idea. She was relentless; she cajoled, begged and explained that she loved music and really wanted to study deejaying. They told her that she should first try out her first love – accounting.

Tabitha Gichere, fondly known by her fans, as Deejay Tabz.

Tabitha relented and enrolled for accounting packages at a local school. She immensely enjoyed the first session, introduction to law. That saw her enroll for her Bachelor in Laws and she specialise in entertainment law and intellectual property. “It is really through God’s providence that I discovered my passion for law,” said Tabitha.

But she never gave up on her deejaying dream. She was a ‘bedroom deejay,’ nurturing and feeding her passion on her free time. She would even save money to buy herself a discman which she would use to play all her favourite music.

Tabitha Gichere, fondly known by her fans, as Deejay Tabz.

Her parents soon gave in and allowed her to go to a deejay school on one condition; she was to remain a stellar law student. The arduous journey to making a name for herself in two highly male-dominated fields began for the petite go-getter.



More than six years later and with the advantage of hindsight, Tabitha is very grateful for her parents’ firmness and support. “Were it not for them, I would not have the fulfillment of both my careers.


I probably would never have discovered my love for law. I admire the fact that they were in turn unyielding yet giving. I really owe so much to them and God,” the gospel Deejay says. Both careers are very demanding often requiring a lot of man hours. Deejaying requires a lot of research if one is to come up with a killer mix while preparing for a court case is not a walk in the park.

“I am still learning how to balance it all. But the importance of a supportive team behind you cannot be overemphasized. I have a team at System Unit who help me with research, so that I always have my finger on the pulse of the vibrant gospel scene in Kenya,” the pious lawyer says.

“I have mentors in both fields who keep me in check and challenge me to soar to even greater heights. In the Deejaying field, Dj Mo is my mentor. He has held my hand and guided me through it all.” To anyone with a dream, age notwithstanding, Tabitha urges you to never give up or lose hope.

“Do everything with passion. Research; pour your heart into it. Give it your all” However, she cautions against the rebel mentality.


“If you are ever in a situation where you do not see eye to eye with your parents about your career choices, try to remember that they are coming from a place of love. Dialogue with them and compromise. Rebelling will never solve anything.”


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