How to become a millionaire from candy business imported from China

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Did you know that candy or sweet business is a multi million business in Kenya?

With a small amount like ksh 500,000 you can start a big wholesale business of candy/sweets in Kenya

We are going to give you some important information from direct supplier in China

Lets do a study with one example:

Sambapito Doce Lollipop

Sambapito Doce Lollipop
0.048 CBM  2600 12 100

*CBM:cubic meter :ksh 38,000 (Shipping Fee)


Minimum order Quantity:MOQ: 100 cartons X  ksh 2600 = ksh 260,000

1carton will occupy 0.048 CBM SO FOR 100 cartons you will require 4.8 CBM = Ksh182,400

(Remember the shipping fee includes even taxation)

Total cost up to Kenya: ksh 260000 + ksh 182,400 :ksh 442,400

Remember per carton we have 1200 sweets meaning 120,000 for the whole minimum order

Price per one sweet :ksh 442,400/120,000=3.7 bob round it to ksh 4 Bob

Asssume you will sell them to a whole sale at 7 bob meaning :PROFIT KSH 3 BOB per sweet

Total Profit: 120,000 X KSH 3 : ksh 360,000( before some other operational costs like delivery,staff,etc)

With total amount you you used ksh 480,000 (120,000 at ksh 4)  you will make sales of ksh 840,000(120,000 at ksh 7) : Total 360,000 profit

From the above analysis it shows that with less than ksh 500,000 you can be a real sweet/candy wholesale giant business person and if you can get 100 places to supply those 100 cartons per month meaning you can be making more than ksh 300,000 monthly or ksh 3.6M

Simple business but more profit

Lesson learned is that the business is about Profit not the size or type of a business

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