Flying Car Infrastructure Comes To Kenya

Want create site? Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins., a blockchain marketplace for urban air taxi, has started establishing infrastructure for flying cars in 23 cities across 13 countries such as Kenya, France, US, Ukraine, Russia, Sapin, Mexico, Nigeria, Japan, and Australia.

A flying car is a personal air vehicle that is designed for both air and ground transportation. The flying car has been featured in animations such as Kim Possible, Ben 10, and The Jetsons.

Early supporters and entrepreneurs can become part of the community where they can earn McFly tokens, improve their social contacts and influence, establish start-ups, and open new doors for manufacturers.

“People in large cities are tired of traffic; they will be happy to have affordable private flights. We have developed a three-phase program to create an infrastructure for flying cars,” Nik Bezhko, Lead Community Manager, explains.

“At each stage, a local community member carries out assignments and receives McFly tokens as a management fee. The number of people joining our project from different countries is very pleasing. We’re building a decentralized community. Together, we’ll create an accessible flight technology for the urban population.”

Flying Taxis As Solutions to Traffic Congested Cities

Flying taxis are great solutions to cities like Nairobi that are struggling with congested roads every day because they are ten times faster than traditional cars. What’s more, flying taxis are environmental-friendly because they have low emissions.


Different companies such as Terrafugia, Aeromobil, Zee.Aero are working on their own versions of flying cars.

Flying taxis require infrastructures such as landing sites and charging points. Furthermore, flying taxis require blockchain solutions to operate as well as maintenance services.

In April 2017, Uber announced its flying taxi project. The company plans on developing an internet platform for these machines.

The McFly Community

The McFly community, which will consist of manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and customers, will get technologies created by the consortium such as flying cars, equipment for charging points, software, and other hardware that will be accessible in 23 cities.

The community will use McFly tokens to accomplish tasks such as doing business, community building, and expert research and sharing. The token launch takes place in 36 days.

The consortium is made up of the following companies:

  • d Hepard – flying cars manufacturers
  • io – blockchain protocol developer
  • Energy – batteries and charging points manufacturer
  • co – urban public transport systems integrations design
  • Emercoin – digital currency and blockchain platform
  • TFT – pilot training simulators developer
  • Drone Employee – smart contracts for air taxi system
  • Afrus – interiors for flying machines


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