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Five (5) Reasons to Shop at HealPlus Pharma Chemist in Thika


Five (5) Reasons to Shop at HealPlus Pharma Chemist in Thika

As life gets busier by the day, more and more Kenyans are embracing convenience shopping in their lifestyle changes as part of coping with the times. This means no longer having a trail of cars in traffic leading to giant supermarkets or chemists to make long queues, but rather picking up daily essentials in their neighbourhood convenient stores on their way home. Most of them also prefer home delivery.

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HealPlus Pharma Ltd is a one stop Pharmacy/Chemist where you are guaranteed of quality and affordable medicines and other medical supplies. This Pharmacy is located in Thika Town, along Commercial Street, Standview Apartments. They have ensured that they keep up with this trend by conveniently delivering human medicine, medical supplies, beauty products, hospital supplies and other medicinal products to your location in Thika and beyond at both Wholesale and Retail prices. This helps in meeting the demand of Thika residents.

Currently, HealPlus Pharma Ltd is the leading Pharmacy, Health & Beauty Care provider in Thika Town, delivering best in class care health advice, reasonably priced genuine medications, innovative pharmacy professional services and quality health and beauty products to all our customers.

Here are top five reasons why you should pop into HealPlus Pharma Ltd in Thika:

Reason #1: They Are More Than a Pharmacy

HealPlus Pharma Ltd is much more than your ordinary everyday pharmacy. With the new three-prong offering of Pharmacare, Personal Care and Beauty Products, you can now pop into their chemist outlet for more than just a prescription. They also offer other professional services like over the counter, pharmacovigilance, skin care consultation, and Ear Piercing among other vital services. Apart from offering vaccination services, they also do fast aid, blood pressure monitoring and other important tests.

Within the same store, you will find an Agrovet that has all products you need as well as veterinary consultation service. You will also get financial services such as: M-Pesa, Equity Agent, KCB Agent, Family Bank Agent, Cooperative Bank Agent, Airtel Money and others.

Reason #2: Daily essentials are stocked

Long gone are the days when you had to pop into a mall or big shopping outlet to get basic daily essentials like diapers, wipes, baby formula, Vitamins, tissue paper and many others. You can walk into HealPlus Pharma and get your choice of a variety of daily essentials hassle free. They also boast renowned international brands such Dr. Organics, La Roche Posay, Shea Moisture, Vichy, Aveeno as well as other local brands now grace the shelves at all our outlets to allow you easy access to your favorite hair and beauty products.

Reason #3: Beat the Long Queues

Located in Thika Town, you can hop in and out without winding queues common in supermarkets. This saves you time while giving you the much-needed peace of mind as you pick up your desired Pharmacare, Health and beauty items from a location near you. Keep in mind that you can call them or send your medical prescription on their Whatsapp +254731891661 and they will deliver your medicines without hassle.

Reason #4: Professional Staff and Much More

Value addition is weaved right into HealPlus Pharma Chemist. You can get advice on what to use on your skin type, get consultation with a doctor or get advice on your prescription from their pharmacists, all this to ensure you have that much needed peace of mind. The staff at HealPlus Pharma highly trained and highly skilled to ensure they offer the required assistance you need as you do your shopping.

HealPlus Pharma Ltd Staff

Reason #5: Convenient Shopping Hours

Last but not least, HealPlus Pharma Ltd keeps convenient shopping hours in most outlets – especially since the traditional 6:00P.M closing time for most chemists can be an inconvenience since most working-class citizens are either sitting in traffic at that time or still in the office. You can pop in as late as 9:00pm to quickly pick up your required items.

So there you have it. Those are the top five picks of why you should pop into HealPlus Pharma to do your shopping or contact them for deliveries. Of course, there are many more reasons – especially the promotions and the wide range of gift items to gift that special someone – but that is a story for another day.

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