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Easiest way to Loose Belly Fat In Just One Week


Hello Foodies, here is a simple way to loose stomach fats in few days especially to those with less time for exercises according to Chef Michael Mutale. It’s sugar free…simple to make.

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Here is the process:

4 Lemons
Lemon leaves
2 litres of water

Wash lemon in clean water

Cut all lemon into halves

Squeeze out the juices and keep aside( lemon juice) Discard the seeds

In a clean pan, add 2 litres of water

Add the lemon peels and start cooking over high heat

Add the lemon leaves… ( You can work without the leaves)

Cover and cook for 35minutes

Kip opening and stirring using a spoon as your cooking

Remove the leaves and peels after 35 minutes.
Turn off the heat and leave the water to cool

Add the lemon juice..

Transfer the mixture to a clean jug and keep refrigerated…..

Enjoy this drink 4 times a day and one hour before a meal

It’s sugar free juice for a purpose..

It’s sugar free


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