Developing a Winning Mindset

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Winning can have such an enormous emotional impact on our lives, and as such it’s essential we have a proper understanding of what winning should mean to us. For example, a sprinter can come second in a competition and still see himself as a winner while another sprinter can come second and see himself as a failure. Developing a winning mindset is far more important than being obsessed with always coming in first place. Below are some key points that will help you on how to develop a winning mindset.

Stay Positive

Success begins when you adopt a positive attitude towards life in general. Being positive is so important to the extent that it reflects in every phase of your life. By being positive, I mean staying focused, and only allowing empowering, and inspirational thoughts to impact you.

People with a positive mindset believe they can overcome any obstacle they encounter in life, and it’s very true! Although, positive thinking is not always a concept that everyone believes or follows, and some consider it to be pure nonsense…It has been discovered that people who live their lives while thinking positively are those who understand how truly effective it can be. Those same people go on to live a more happy, balanced, and fulfilled life than others who do not believe in it.

This is just one of my many secrets to living a life that is fulfilled. I no longer feel anxious about anything… because this mindset has helped me tremendously, and I hope that it will help you too.

Self Confidence

Self-confidence can be described as a belief in one’s ability to succeed.  The confidence I’m getting at is not the type of confidence in others but confidence in one’s self.

For you to develop a proper winning mentality, you must believe in yourself, your talent, and your abilities, no matter what others think! One major enemy of self-confidence is, having an inferiority complex. Inferiority complexes can include a lack of self-worth, doubting yourself, or uncertainty about oneself. One may also have feelings of not measuring up, or being unable to attain certain high standards that have been set. This can destroy self-confidence even before you realize it has destroyed you. Below are some of the ways to avoid an inferiority complex:

  • Feel great about yourself: People who do not feel good about themselves always find it very difficult to see the good in others. You MUST look for the positive. Even if that means rolling out of bed in the morning, and looking in the mirror while you give yourself a little pep talk…Do it. Do whatever it takes, for however long it may take!
  • Always take full responsibility for your actions and do not project your weaknesses onto others. In fact, be sure to compliment others on their strengths. Spreading love goes a long way!
  • Being able to resist criticism:  Some people tend to perceive any form of criticism, as a personal attack regardless of how sensitively and constructively it is presented.
  •  Develop good feelings about the competition: People with an inferiority complex oftentimes like the thought of winning, but they try to avoid all forms of competition because they know if they lose, it more than likely won’t sit well with them. To prevent this, you need to be sure to stay optimistic. Do your best to see all forms of failure as a lesson learned. Failure is something that is needed to strengthen yourself for the next phase in which you’re headed. Positive thinkers always succeed in the end, so the only direction you can possibly go is up!

Dream Big

While some people see certain goals as unrealistic, others see those goals as what they can achieve. Be realistic when outlining your goals, and realize that the size of your target will either expand your thinking capacity or compact it. You should always aim high. Shoot for the stars!

You need to set goals that will take you out of your comfort zone. Do not be afraid to dream big. The bigger your dreams are, the more motivated you will be, and the more you will open up to prosperity as well as other exploits in your life.

Concentrate On Progress, Not Perfection

Attaining perfection is good, but in my opinion, movement and progress are far more important. Always keep track of every progress you’ve made; you’ll slowly build your self-confidence up little by little when you do this.

Tracking your progress makes you stay focused, and if you don’t track your progress, you’re more than likely to focus on your failures. A lot of people fail to accomplish their goals not because they lack the required skill, but because they easily lose sight of what they want to achieve.

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