County Government Construction Approval Requirements In Kenya

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The County Government authorities require a developer to furnish them with several key documents for them to be ready to commence the approvals process.

First they require a developer to provide them with certificates of registration from the registered professionals who are going to be charged with supervising the construction of the building project. This includes the registration certificates for the architect and structural engineer, who ultimately are charged with enforcing quality control and ensuring structural stability of the building as it is being constructed.

These professionals also complete an indemnity declaration that indemnifies the municipal authorities of any claims in the case of faulty construction or mishap that can occur in the process of building in Kenya, thus taking upon themselves full responsibility for ensuring that buildings are constructed according to the building codes and relevant design standards.

Other documents that need to be furnished to the council for processing building approvals include: ownership documents for the property, latest annual land rates receipts, in addition to the completed application for approval for building permit.

Charges for this process varies accordingly, however the main areas that the councils charge for include plan inspection fees, occupational certificate fees, fees for site signage that accrues annually, infrastructure development, and other relevant fees that are unique to each county.

Architectural Plan Approval at the County Government.

The architect will Register with the relevant county offices and Submit the architectural plan


  1. Disclaimer form (original)
  2. Architectural drawing (copy) behind them a registered Architect.
  3. Structural drawings with/without Structural drawings behind them a registered Structural Engineer
  4. Land Survey plan (copy)
  5. Land rates clearance receipt (copy)
  6. Proof of land ownership (copy) of title or certificate.
  7. Approval fee (Determined by your design)

8 -Mutation (Optional)

  1. Change of user (original) In case the parcel of land needs a change of use

The construction permit fees is calculated based on the rates as given by the county government.

Architectural plans approval at the county Government

Register with the county government self service portal, Submit architectural plans Online .

Pay for permit fees , Obtain architectural plans approval notification Online, Submit architectural plans for signing and Obtain authenticated architectural (stamped) plans and the construction permit

Submit structural plans .This step is completed by structural engineer.


1 Indemnity form (original)

  1. Certificate of structural design (copy)
  2. Structural drawings (copy)
  3. Structural design calculations (copy)
  4. Engineer’s practicing certificate (copy) From the Engineers Board of Kenya – EBK
  5. Engineer’s registration certificate (copy) From the Engineers Board of Kenya – EBK

Obtain structural plans approval notification.

Submit structural plans for signing.


  1. Structural drawings (original)

Obtain authenticated structural plans

Results:  Authenticated ( stamped) Structural Plans and Approved certificate of structural design.

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