Affordable Classy Vehicles for Ksh30,000 and above salary Middle Class Kenyan

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You don’t need to be a politician to cruise around in sleek cars. The beauty of having your own car is convenience and efficiency. Anybody looking forward to spending minimally on purchasing a car should calculate beyond the procurement value. There are two things to look at when buying a car, affordability and fuel efficiency. The following cars are affordable to an average Kenyan.

#1. Mazda Demio

It’s estimated to go 15 km on a litre of Petrol. Its contours give it an elegant look making it more preferred than a mere Vitz. On average a Mazda will cost you around 600000 ksh depending on its maintenance and mileage, it has engine capacities ranging from 1000cc making it an economical choice. Its spare parts are also readily available.

#2. Nissan Wingroad

Its price ranges between 500000 and 1000000 ksh in most selling platforms making it quite affordable. Its estimated to go 13 km with one litre of petrol. Unlike other affordable cars, it breaks down easily, making it require high maintenance. Its engine capacity ranges about 1500cc, making it not so fuel efficient.

#3. Honda Fit


It’s among the popular hatchbacks, lauded to be very spacious and economical when it comes to fuel consumption. This Japanese made car is not so used to the Kenyan terrain though. A 1500cc engine can cover 18 km with a litre of petrol, its price is about 800000 ksh.

#4. Toyota Vitz

Generally, Toyota has the highest resale value of all cars in Kenya. A Vitz comes in variations of 1 litre, 1.3 litre and 1.5 litre, covering at least 19 km on a litre of petrol. It’s very affordable, fuel efficient and cost effective, with a price ranging between 650000 and 700000 ksh.

#5. Hyundai i10

Ranges betweeem 0.5 million and 1 million. It has a wheelbase of about 2000mm, about 3000mm long and 1500 mm wide. It has different versions including a 1.2 litre Kappa i4 petrol. You can choose between a 5 speed manual transmission and a 4 door automatic.

#6. Subaru Impreza

It comes in 4 door saloons and five door hatchbacks. The engine ranges from 1.5 litre to 2.5 litre. It ranges between 700000 and 2000000 ksh depending on the model year.

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