5 Secret Tips on How to Create Viral Content on a Budget

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How to create viral content?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by business owners who are looking to expand their online footprint.

The top viral videos of 2017 include the annoying “Pineapple Pen,” John Oliver’s rant against President Donald Trump, “The $21,000 First-Class Airplane Seat,” and the video of two brothers convincing their little sister of a zombie apocalypse.

All these seem to be random events, but viral marketing has an actual process. If you are on a tight budget, do you even have a chance?

Content Is Still King

The ingredient of a good online marketing strategy doesn’t actually change with the evolution of a platform. Content matters a lot in creating viral videos.

It’s the same with viral content, and this refers to any blog or social media post that has been shared numerous times for a short while.

With the advent of YouTube and Facebook (with its nearly two billion users), it’s easy for the clip to go viral. Text content is much trickier.

Ways on How to Create Viral Content Using Text

Here are some tips on creating viral written content:

  1. People Love Stories – Like the Target Guy who sold a bra to a 16-year-old or the Hot Dog Princess, people love to follow a good story. Thailand has mastered the art of creating commercials that tug at the heartstrings. The common denominator is the heart — the genuineness of a relatable content. Take advantage of that.
  2. Find a Topic That Draws Your Interest – You can’t sell a story if you cannot even convince yourself. You might focus on the idea of creating viral content so much that you forget the most critical aspect of all: the story.
  3. Don’t Forget the Flow of Words – Misplaced syntax and wrong grammar may still get your story shared all around the world, but for the wrong reason. This is now how to create viral content. But when do you know how to stop? Generally, posts with around 2,000 words get the most shares. Take that as you will.
  4. Title Is Everything – The title of your content can make or break you. This is challenging for some because one needs to evoke emotions, call to action, or address a particular problem for the reader. Study those successful viral marketing campaigns on how they word their titles. Shareability is probably the first valuable lesson on how to create viral content.

Don’t Break the Bank, Get the Help You Need

These are just a few tips on effective marketing strategy. It’s a mistake to assume that they would be enough to launch a successful online campaign with these alone. The next important thing is to practice your craft until you muster how to create viral content even with eyes shut.

Still not convinced about creating viral content on a tight budget? Let iPresence Digital Marketing, Inc. show you how.

You have the picture in mind; we will paint the message. Leave your problems to professionals without breaking the bank in the process.



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