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2020 Top Five (5) Moving Companies In Kenya


2020 Top Five (5) Moving Companies In Kenya

Moving locally or to a new country can be overwhelming, So, some local and international companies have made the transition as easy as possible.

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In Kenya, Some companies have proven the ability to manage relocations from beginning to end, and are highly experienced to address any questions, concerns or requirements throughout the entire process.

From item tracking to providing status reports throughout your relocation, the these well vetted and quality proven companies have teams that have your move covered. You won’t have to wonder where your items are and how long it’s going to take for them to arrive. When you move with them, you’ll know where your belongings are at all phases of your move.

1. Ahadi Movers Limited

Ahadi Movers is Africa’s leading full service moving and Relocation company. They specialize in full range of household and commercial moving services, customized to fit your particular moving needs. Their affordable rates, professional moving crews and most efficient moving equipment will always ensure a stress free move. They also have a professionally trained staff of maids who ensure that the house you are moving into is properly prepared so you have to move into a house just like the one you move from or even better.

They have an efficient and trained staff that is well versed with the map of East Africa. With strong logistics support, and good connectivity to almost all places of the moving area. They pay special attention to every aspect of moving process, from packing to the final delivery. They transport the goods in safe and secured vehicles to ensure damage fee delivery. Whereby provide insurance against any damage due to our negligence.

Last year they are the only moving company In Kenya to bag more than 3 awards as
• The Most promising moving and relocation company in Kenya
• The Most improved moving and relocation company in Kenya
• The most digital moving and relocation brand

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2. Cube Movers Limited

“Cube movers are one of the most reliable and experienced among movers in Nairobi Kenya. They boast of 15 years of excellent customer service. They are arguably the most known movers in Nairobi Kenya. They are pioneers of this service industry in Kenya.

Here is Cube Movers promise quoted from their website: “Cube Movers takes the pressure out of your move and ensures the job gets done right. We are a reliable, trusted and competent services company here to help you shoulder the load of a residential or commercial move. Choosing the right removalist is the key to a smooth and successful move without complications or delays. We know that moving is very personal experience that requires meticulous understanding of your needs. That’s why we developed The Cube Movers Way, a removals methodology built around this philosophy.”

3. Nellions Moving And Relocation

Nellions is a leading moving company based in Kenya offering quality services in house moving, office moving, residential moving, international moving.

The Nellions Brand:

“Moving is a tough and anxious job and physical strength is just as important as a good the state of the mind.
Therefore, we recognize that it is all about people. We endeavour to create a positive atmosphere where:
• The respect of every individual involved in the moving process is paramount because each is a very important person.
• Every member of our team has a voice and his/her views are considered and respected.
• We are friendly family and we seek to radiate the same warmth to all who we are privileged to serve.
• We are our brother’s/sister’s keeper. We look out for each other’s safety and well being.
• Each of our processes are well thought out and designed with a long term, end-in-mind perspective.
• We believe in our wholesome success, progress and happiness, from each individual, to the team, to the client and to the company shareholders.”

4. Integrity Movers Kenya Limited

Integrity Movers Kenya Limited is a moving and storage Company based in Kenya. The company previously traded as a business name but after immense growth and expansion the management decided to register it as a Company.

This long incredible journey was started by current CEO and founder Mr. Ignatius Mwilitsa. The quest to solve the many challenges in the moving and storage industry resulted in the founding of this great company that continues to be a choice for many looking to have stress free moving and storage solutions.

We continue to lead from the front with innovative services that solves our clients problems. We offer our clients a one stop shop for all their moving and storage needs. Commitment to our clients is excellence in delivery and that is what drives every Integrity Movers employee to deliver beyond the expectation of our clients. The employees form the bedrock of the company. A wealth of experience, constant training and periodic fine tuning of processes keep us efficient and competitive.

5. Taylor Movers Limited

“Our key focus and goal is to understand our clients experience from their point of view. We see this as our central focus that drives every aspect of how we conduct our business and relate to our customers. We guarantee professional moving services in Kenya. Whether moving within Nairobi or around the globe, Taylor movers Kenya will have a custom-tailored moving solution for you.”


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